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August 06, 2015

Mens Wedding Shoes | Buy Mens Wedding Shoes Online


Do you have your wedding coming up and you need to fit out the guys in the wedding party for mens wedding shoes?

Matador Shoes has a great range of mens leather shoes that are perfect for the special occasion. Check out our mens wedding shoes collection for a variety of footwear in a range of styles and colours.

Our shoes are all hand made in either Italy or Spain from the best quality calf skin leathers. Our shoes are all made from 100% calf skin leather and they have genuine leather soles. We only sell our shoes in Australia through our online store.You will not find these shoes anywhere else in Australia and therefore your wedding party will be unique and stand out from the crowd. Who wants to wear the same shoes as their guests for their big day.

By cutting out the retail middle men Matador Shoes are able to bring you great savings. To buy shoes of this quality in a retail store would cost between $300 to $400 a pair. We are able to sell our range for between $199 to $249.  Also because in a wedding party you are normally buying more than one pair of shoes, we are able to give you a further discount. This depends on how many pairs you buy. 

If you are in Sydney we can come and visit the wedding party at a location of your choice. We can bring a selection of shoes for the guys in the wedding party to try on and a range of sizes.  If you are in another city such as Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth we are able to courier you a sample shoe and sizes to make sure you get the right shoes for the day.


A wedding is a big day and it is really important to get quality shoes for the men in the grooms party. There is nothing worse than a group of guys in great suits but wearing their own mismatching shoes.

For more information and to help you get ready for your big day please contact Mark by telephone on 0414 775 304 or by emailing

May 18, 2015

Buy Mens Dress Shoes in Sydney | Italian Mens Dress Shoes

Do you live in Sydney and have trouble finding quality Italian made mens dress shoes that do not cost you $300 or $400? Matador Shoes have a large range of Italian and Spanish made mens dress shoes starting at only $199. 

We cut out the middlemen so we can bring you quality calf skin leather shoes at up to 40% off normal retail prices. We design our range of shoes here in Sydney, Australia and then we have the shoes made for us by artisan shoemakers. By doing this we can keep costs down and bring you the customer a range of mens business, dress and designer shoes for less than $300. Most of our shoes are prices from between $199 to $249 and include free shipping to anywhere in Australia. 

We have a showroom open by appointment in Paddington, Sydney if you would like to come and try our shoes on. Also we offer a 30 day returns policy if you change your mind or get your size wrong. To find out more you can contact us by calling 0414 775 304 or email:  

March 15, 2015

Buy Mens Dress Shoes in Brisbane

Do you live in Brisbane and have trouble finding decent mens dress shoes? Are you tired of looking around the same old shoe shops and seeing the same old style conservative shoes in every store?

Matador Shoes mens shoe store is Brisbane's newest alternative. We are an online store and have a great range of mens shoes that you will find no where else in Brisbane or anywhere else in Queensland. Plus because we are online we cut out the middleman and can bring you fantastic discounted prices. Our shoes in retail menswear and footwear stores sell for between $300 to $350. When you buy from our online store they are only $239. Plus we regularly have sales and you can buy shoes fort as low as $149. This is a savings of up to 50%.  

We design our own range of footwear in Australia and use artisan shoe makers in Spain and Italy to create them. We source the finest quality calf skin leathers and each pair is made by hand and has leather soles. As we are a boutique online shop we bring in small runs of models which change every few months. We have a great range of lace up derbies, slip on's, oxfords for guys who wear suits, brogues for the new hipster look, and many other styles and models in a range of colours and designs. 

Many guys are weary about buying online or getting their size right. You can contact us by phone or email if you have any concerns or want to check sizes. If you order before 3pm we can ship your pair of shoes out to you that day and they can be with you in normally two days. We offer free shipping on full price items and a 30 day exchange and returns policy if you change your mind or order the wrong size. 

March 14, 2015

Mens Dress Shoes Online Australia

Do you want to buy a well made pair of mens dress shoes made from quality calf skin leather? Are you tired of going footwear shopping in Australia and having to spend over $300 to get a decent pair of shoes that will not fall apart within 6 months?  

Come and check out the Matador Shoes online mens shoe store. We are a unique and boutique shop that brings to Australia top quality leather shoes at affordable prices.  We design our own collection of styles, and then have them made for us by artisan craftsmen shoe in Italy and Spain. Because there is no middle man we bring you the customer a great range of well made mens leather shoes for fantastic prices of between $189 to $249. Our footwear is made from top quality calf skin leather and each pair of shoes is made by hand.  We use no synthetic materials and our shoes do not have rubber soles. 

Arriving in next month from Spain we have our winter 2015 collection. This includes more some of our top sellers such as our Ernesto and Luis models. We also have a great selection in black and brown of shoes such as the Sergio which has different patterns or "grabados" as they are known in Spanish in the leather of the shoe.


Matador Shoes offer free shipping by courier to anywhere in Australia. As soon as we get your order we send out your shoes and they normally arrive in 2 to 4 days. If you are worried about what size you are please get in contact and we can assist you. We also offer a 30 day returns policy if you change your mind as long as the shoes do not show any sign of wear and tear.  

Matador Shoes, Australia's best place to shop online for quality mens designer shoes.

December 10, 2014

Mens Dress Shoes Sale - Italian Mens Leather Shoes reduced from $249 down to $149

Matador Shoes is now having a massive end of year Xmas sale on quality mens leather dress shoes that have been made in Italy and Spain. Beautifully handcrafted quality leather designs have now been reduced from $249 down to as low as $129. You can save up to $120 across our range. To buy these shoes in retail shops you would be paying more than $300. We are a shoe importer and wholesaler now selling direct to the public through our online mens shoe shop.

These heavily discounted shoes are all made by artisan cobblers using the finest quality calf skin leathers. ALl our range is 100% leather from the uppers right through to the soles. We use no synthetic materials and only the best leathers. Why pay $149 for badly made cheap Chinese shoes when you can have top quality European ones for the same price or a little bit more.

We have to clear our remaining current stocks to make way for new models arriving in for 2015.  Matador Shoes stocks a large range of men's business, wedding, dress and designer shoes at fantastic prices you will find no where else in Australia. We off free shipping on full priced purchases and on sale items shipping is only $10 to anywhere in Australia.


Here are three examples of some of the shoes we have reduced. The Ramon shoe is a classic mens dress shoe that can be worn with a suit as a mens business shoe or with jeans to dress them up and look more formal. It has been a very popular model and we have reduced the price from $229 down to only $169. The next one is a very popular oxford style called Rafael. This is a closed lace design that goes very well with the fashion of wearing blue suits that is happening at the moment. This shoe has been reduced from $229 down to only $149. We only have it left in a few sizes so get in quick and do not miss out. Last but not least is our unique and different slip on model the Silvio. This shoe really makes you stand out in a crowd with it's cross over leather design over the front. We have dropped the price of this a crazy $120!!!


November 11, 2014

Mens Business Shoes | Buy from $189 at Matador Shoes

Are you looking to buy a pair of quality Italian or Spanish made mens business shoes that are not going to cost you $300 or more? Come and check out the range of quality business shoes for men we have at the number one mens shoe store in Australia and online.

If you work in the corporate world and wear a suit to work each day then you are going to need to wear a decent pair of mens business shoes. Trying to find a quality pair in Australia whether you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.  Thats where Matador Shoes can help. We are an online mens shoe shop that sells only top quality designer mens dress shoes made in Italy and Spain.

We have a large selection of footwear that you can buy directly from us and at great prices. Why pay $300 plus for a pair of calf skin leather shoes with leather soles when you can buy them online for only $199. All our shoes are hand made by artisan shoe makers in small boutique workshops in Spain and Italy. We use only the best calfskin leathers and all our shoes are 100% leather from the uppers through to the soles. We use no synthetic materials.

Every few months we bring in new styles and models of shoes in a variety of colours. Check out our men's business shoe collection for an ever changing great selection of European made footwear. We have many different models to suit many different tastes from oxfords and brogues to derbies and slip on's. Plus we offer free shipping to anywhere in Australia and also ship to New Zealand, Canada and the United States. We offer a 30 returns policy if you change your mind or get your size wrong.


September 30, 2014

Men's Dress Shoes and boots in suede - Buy online in Australia at Matador Shoes

Are you looking to buy a quality pair of dress shoes or boots in suede? Check out the Matador Shoes online mens shoe shop. We have a large selection of suede shoes and boots for men in a variety of styles and colours. All our shoes are hand made in Italy and Spain using the finest quality calf skin leathers. We design our range of shoes here in Australia and then have them made by artisan shoe makers. All our shoes are made to the finest standards and they come finished by hand. We only use leather materials and every component of our shoes is made from leather from the soles through to the uppers. 


Coming into the sumer season we have a new range of great shoes and boots that have just arrived. The boots come in the Garcia model which is a lace up boot in a deep brown colour. We also have the Antonio which is a zip up boot and comes in a deep blue black colour. in shoes we have Leon in brown, Bartolo in black with a wood finish sole and also various other models in green, sky blue and a sand colour.  


Matador Shoes has a large range of shoes that you can buy through our online shop. We offer a 30 day returns or exchange policy if you change your mind and free shipping throughout Australia. Our range of shoes changes every few months and we often have sales on to clear end of line shoes. If you like to wear quality mens dress shoes, mens wedding shoes, mens business shoes or mens designer shoes check out our collection page to see our current range.

June 16, 2014

Buy Men's Dress Shoes in Perth

Buying men's dress shoes in Perth is not easy. But now you can buy quality Italian and Spanish made men's designer shoes from Matador Shoes.

Perth does not have a lot of options when it comes to buying quality European designer footwear. There are a few menswear stores around that sell them but most of these are Chinese made, and  use cheap leather and chunky rubber soles. Paul Carroll has a great range but they are more conservative and are more something your boss or dad would wear. The other options seem to be the standard chain shops as such as Aquila,Myers and David Jones. These places have a good range but they have all been selling the same models of shoes for years now.

Matador Shoes are an online shoe shop in Perth that has a range of shoes with a difference. We do not just import shoes from Europe. We actually design our own collection of shoes here in Australia and then we have them made by artisan shoe maker Pepe Jimenez in Spain. We have a selection of mens wedding shoes,brogues,derbies and oxfords that you will find no where else in Australia. All our shoes are made using the best quality calfskin leathers.They are all made by hand and have proper leather soles. We can proudly say we use no synthetic materials.

Matador Shoes cut out the middle man and by doing this we can bring you designer mens shoes for fantastic prices. If you had to buy our shoes in a shoe shop or menswear shop they would sell for $300 or more. By buying from our online men's shoe shop you can save yourself a lot of money. We can keep our costs down as we have no big overheads and this means massive savings for you the customer. Our prices range between $199 to $250. During the year we have many sales on to clear end of line stock and you can pick up a pair of shoes for as low as $129!

We currently have our end of financial year mens shoe sale on.Some models of shoes have dropped in price from $229 down to a crazy $169 and even as low as $129. Here is a link to our mens dress shoe sale page where you can see the shoes we have reduced and pick yourself up a great bargain.We have a variety of derbies,oxfords lace ups and slip on shoes to suit every occasion.

We offer free shipping and normally can have a pair of shoes delivered to you within two days of placing your order. We  also offer a 30 day returns or exchange policy if you change your mind, have got your size wrong or just want to swap them for another pair.

For the winter 2014 season we have a new range of models in.You can check these out on our You Tube channel. We also have put together some great instructional videos on how leather shoes are made and how top look after your shoes.



May 26, 2014

Mens Dress Shoe Sale Sydney

Matador Shoes are having an end of financial year mens leather shoe sale. We have discounted Italian and Spanish made mens designer shoes reduced from $249 down to $129 and $149. Thats a reduction of up to $120 a pair. These shoes are made using the finest quality leathers and are 100% leather from the uppers right down to the soles. 


We have a large range of shoes on sale. Our Ramon model shoe is a unique design oxford mens business shoe that has been reduced from $229 down to $169. It is a great shoe that goes with any type of suit and is a very versatile. It has been hand made by artisan shoe makers in Spain and is a shoe that is timeless and will never go out of fashion.

If you are looking for a more casual shoe to wear out with a pair of jeans our slip on shoe Juan is great choice. It coms with a unique wing tip design normally found only on brogues. It is an Italian style slim last shoe and is a great way to dress up a pair of jeans It is a slim design shoe in colours black or brown that is perfect for dressing up a pair of jeans. Juan has been reduced from $249 down to only $169.

If you like to wear more traditional style shoes then our Santos or Silvio models are worth checking out. Santos is a classic wider style oxford mens dress shoe. We have the last few pairs of this really popular shoe reduced down to only $129! The same goes for our Silvio slip on shoe.We have just about sold out of this model so we have reduced the last few pairs down to a cheap $129. These shoes retail for $300 so these shoes are a great bargain.

Matador Shoes is the best place in Australia to buy mens shoes. We have a large range of footwear including mens derby shoes, mens brogues, mens suede shoes and boots. We are a shoe wholesaler so we are able to bring you European mens designer shoes for very cheap prices that you will find no where else in Australia.You can buy our range of shoes online through our website or if you are in SYdney you can visit our showroom in Paddington. Our show room is open by appointment only. Please call 0414 775 304 to make an appointment. 

May 02, 2014

J R Jimenez Shoes - Mens Dress Shoes from Spain now available in Australia

The Spanish are well known throughout Europe for making some of the best quality mens leather shoes in all the world. In many parts of Spain such as the Valencia region and in Mallorca in the Balearic Islands there are artisan shoe makers crafting beautiful leather shoes. In Australia the most common type of leather shoes are Italian made ones but slowly people are discovering the quality of Spanish footwear. 

Matador Shoes is one of the few places in Australia that you can buy Spanish made mens dress shoes.  There are many shoe shops out there such as Aquila, Batsanis, Aldo and Florsheim, but when it comes to designer European made shoes, women always seem to have a better selection. Australian men seem to be stuck paying outrageous prices for Italian, English or Spanish mens footwear or being stuck with a selection of cheap Chinese made shoes.

For any Australian guy really into top quality shoes, you either wait until you go to Europe to stock up or end up buying a few pairs from overseas online shoe shops. This was one of the reasons we set up the Matador Shoes. We decided that we were sick of having to buy a pair of decent mens shoes from overseas. Last year we went on a mission to Europe to find quality mens leather shoes that we could bring to Australia and sell online. Having lived in Europe for many years I was well aware of the reputation of Spanish made shoes. However in Australia it has been really difficult to find Spanish mens shoes as most menswear shops here seem to only stock Italian footwear.


The Spanish make some of the best shoes in Europe and they have a history of being artisan shoe makers. We searched around the shoe making area of Spain which is in Elche near the Mediterranean Coast. We came across many mens shoes makers such as Magnanni who make some of the finest mens shoes in the world. We loved their designs and shoes but at 250 Euros a pair they were going to be to expensive to sell, and out of most Australian guys price range. Then we came across J R Jimenez Shoes. They are a small artisan shoe maker with only a few staff and they work out of a workshop not much bigger than a double garage.

J R Jimenez Shoes showed us their range of shoes and even better would let us design shoes that we thought would work in Australia. All of their shoes are made from 100% top quality full grain leather and the soles are also made of leather. Matador Shoes now stock Jimenez Shoes and we have a large selection of mens shoes to suit any occasion. We have oxford shoes, derby, slip ons and more causal mens shoes made in suede. We will be bringing in new styles and models of shoes every few months. The great thing is because we are buying the shoes direct from the shoe maker, we can bring you these designer Spanish mens shoes for amazing prices and far below what you would usually pay in Australia for a pair of Italian mens dress shoes or Spanish mens shoes.

Check out our mens dress shoe collection for our full range of footwear. You can also check out our Facebook page.

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