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In the past, mens dress shoes paired with shorts was considered to be somewhat out there and not quite the done thing, however over the past few years Australian men have been following overseas fashions and are embracing this trend. It is now quite common to see guys wearing shoes such as leather or suede boat shoes, brogues, and oxford style shoes with dress shorts. Australian labels such as Farage, Zara, H and M, Industrie and Calibre all have a great section of men’s dress shorts.

Many men have overlooked this trend and think that is not suck a cool or Aussie “look” to see a formal pair of shoes mixed with shorts; but with the right color combination and integration, you can pull this look off. I think the way to go is to not wear socks with this combination or at least wear “shortie” socks that are like tennis socks and do not protrude out of the shoe line. However some guys are embracing wearing coloured striped socks pulled up.   Here are some tips when it comes to wearing the dress shorts and shoes look:  Have an idea of what look you are going for.

There are a lot of looks you can create with your collection of shoes that you have in your wardrobe. Maybe not all of them will match with shorts. Before going out to buy dress shorts have a good look at your shoe collection and try and match those shoes to what kind of shorts you want to wear. Whether you have the classic derby or oxford shoes or you are more of a brogues type of guy will depend on the style of shorts you should go for. It is good to build your outfit from the ground up starting from your footwear.  Causal men’s shoes such as suede loafers or slip-ons are great summer shoes to wear with the more casual type of shorts you will find at Industrie or Zara. These shoes are a great way to look a little more dressed up than wearing thongs and you can match shorts with these style shoes to go out in without looking like you have just walked off the beach.

Boat shoes are becoming more stylish in Australia and there are some great suede ones Matador Shoes sell on our online men’s shoe store have that we have brought over for summer 2013- 2014 from Spain. We have these for only $99 and they are a great European look.  Color is an important factor when buying shoes. In the case of shorts, and depending on the season, always choose lighter yet bolder tones and materials. Brown and tan colored shoes are a good choice since they will balances smart and casual styles. You can also opt for other light neutral tones like beige or grey for shoes. 

The quality of shoes is of another aspect to consider. You can buy Chinese made, but you get what you pay for and these shoes will not last so long. I always advise you to buy the best pairs of shoes you can afford such as Spanish or Italian made shoes as these are always made using better quality materials, will be real leather and are made to last.  

Matador Shoes has an extensive collection of shoes that are perfect if you are looking to combine them with dress shorts. Our range of shoes are available to by online in Australia and New Zealand through our website Our shoe catalogue changes every season as we bring in new styles and colours. We can also make bespoke shoes if you are looking for something different.

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