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Mens Dress Boots

mens dress boots

Matador Shoes have a variety of 2014 season new shoe models to add to our collection that have just arrived in from Europe.  As part of our new range of shoes we also have this great mens dress boot. Paco is a suede mens boot in brown that you can match with any style of clothes and can be worn all year round. It has been made for Matador Shoes in Spain by our artisan boot maker and it has a beautiful slim line shape and contour that is timeless and follows European fashion trends.

It is a very versatile mens boot that can be worn with jeans or trousers to dress them up. It features a leather sole and full leather lining, besides being made out of the best quality European tanned suedes that come out of France. Paco we currently have in stock in sizes 7 to 11 and in brown suede. We will soon have mores stock coming in in colours black and blue.  

mens suede dress shoes

We also have a new model mens casual suede shoe Leon. It is a derby style shoes that is a great shoe to wear on many occasions and is a great summer shoe to wear going out if you do not want to wear formal shoes and you want something that is a little more relaxed. It is a shoe with a great fit and slim finish into the toe. It is made by the same shoe maker as our Paco boot, and using the same top quality suede. it has leather soles and comes with a velvet red lining also of leather. 

Matador Shoes only has a small run of these amazing suede boots and shoes so don't miss out. In 2014, we will be bringing to Australia  various other mens suede shoes and boots in various styles and colours. Please keep an eye out for these through our blog, on our Facebook page , Wordpress blog or Google Plus.

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