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If you want to buy mens shoes online in Australia there are many websites out there with lots of different styles of footwear. However if you are looking to buy quality mens dress shoes that are Italian or Spanish made then there are not so many options. Until now many Australian men have been buying their footwear from overseas online shoe shops such as Kenneth Cole, Macy's or Barney's. There are many Australian brands that sell online and/or have stores at either Westfield or your local shopping centre but they all tend to stock mass produced Chinese made footwear that is made of cheap leather and have rubber soles. These shoes are terribly overpriced and if you are lucky you may get 3 to 4 months wear out of them before they start to fall apart.

We started up Matador Shoes out of our frustration at not being able to buy a decent pair of well made European shoes here in Australia. For too long many menswear stores have been charging over the top prices for European designer shoes. We went to Italy and Spain and spent months researching and finding artisan makers who could make us genuine quality leather shoes for reasonable prices.  

There is no shortage of Italian footwear brands in Australia, but many Australians are not aware that in Spain they make some beautiful shoes.  We visited the various footwear making regions such as Valencia and Zaragosa and discovered artisan shoe makers Jimenez Shoes. They craft quality mens dress shoes in leather and suede in a wide variety of models and styles. We now have these beautiful shoes available to buy through our online mens shoe shop.

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Matador Shoes has a range of over 30 different types of shoes ranging from mens dress shoes, lace up shoes, slip on shoes, mens wedding shoes and brogue shoes. All our shoes are crafted using top grade calf skin leather and are made by hand. We make small runs of shoes and have changing styles every few months.  If you want to buy a pair of designer mens shoes that will not only look good but will last you many years check out our website

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