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Suit Crimes - Basic fashion Tips for Wearing a Suit.

Ten things that never work with wearing a suit.

  1. Sun glasses - If you are going to wear sun glasses and a suit at the same time never ever wear sports sun glasses. Wear wire frame glasses or else you just look like a sports teacher at a wedding. Only the blues brothers can pull this off! 
  2. Trainers - Trainers, running shoes or Chuck tailors will never look good with a suit. Even if you are a 60’s or 70’s pop star a suit should always be worn with dress shoes. If you need to walk to work then don’t wear your suit or catch a bus!
  3. RM Willams Boots - What is it with some Australian men especially business men from Sydney. R M Williams boots are for wearing with jeans, if you work on a farm or are a country singer. Wearing them with a suit is a big no no and a major fashion disaster. 
  4. Buttoning your suit - When it comes to buttons on a suit you have to have the mind set that they are there for decoration. You should never do up all the button on your suit even if it is 10 below zero.
  5. Shoulder Pads - We are in the year 2014 not 1991. If you still wear a suit from 1991 throw it away. Shoulder pads should not make you look like a gridiron player. Your suit should have pads that support the shoulder and fit the cut of the suit.  Furthermore it’s the only part of the suit that can’t be altered, so make sure the shoulder is right.
  6. Socks with Suits - You can wear crazy coloured socks with skinny jeans, brogues and poe jeans but wearing them with a suit is not such the done thing. You need to match your sdks with your suit. White socks are never to be worn, only on a sports field.
  7. Suit Sleeves - The sleeves of your suit should be the right length and should end about 1cm above your shirts cuffs. A baggy sleeve looks sloppy and makes the whole suit look shapeless.
  8. White Shoes - White shoes will never ever look good with a suit unless you are a Colombian drug lord or pimp. Your shoes are very important and if you are going to wear a suit buy some decent mens dress shoes. Black derby shoes or if you are wearing a blue suit born shoes are the way to go.
  9. Suits and belts - In Europe no one wears belts with suits. If you must wear one then get one that matches your shoes and is a shape. 
  10. Suit Shape - So many Australian men wear suits that are badly fitted. Always have a suit adjusted to fit your body. There is nothing worse than seeing a guy in a badly shaped suit.

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