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Mens Dress Shoes - Online mens shoe shops in Australia

When it comes to quality mens leather shoes in Australia there is not such a great choice as many local menswear stores are only selling cheap Chinese or Indian made shoes with rubber soles. Any pair of mens formal footwear you buy for $149 is not going to last you long and are going to be made of cheap synthetic leather. 

Many Australians are turning to online shopping and the internet as the best way to find quality mens footwear made in Spain, Italy, Germany or England. The major concern with buying online is what if the shoes I buy don't fit or I want to exchange them? This can be very costly if you are buying from overseas online shops. 

Matador Shoes is a local Australian business operating out of Sydney, Australia. We design our range of shoes here and then through our family shoe making business in Spain have the hand crafted. Buying through us means you are buying straight from the shoe maker and we can bring you fantastic cheap prices for top quality mens dress shoes. 

Why pay $150 for a cheap pair of Asian made shoes when you can pay from $199 to $249 for a properly made pair of European shoes. We cut out the middlemen and this enables us to be able to sell our shoes for less than $300 a pair which is what you will pay in the shops for shoes of this quality and make.

Another aspect was to take the worry of buying mens shoes online away. We know what it is like being unsure about buying clothing or shoes online so we came up with the idea of offering a 30 day return policy on any of our products. 

As long as the item has only been tried on and does not have any marks or signs or wear and tear we are quite happy for you to return the item to to either get a refund or exchange it for another size. Our clients are loving this risk free concept and most times they just want to exchange it for another size or sometimes a different model. As we are a local Australian business it is a small cost of postage for both parties but if we can make our customer feel at ease about buying online and be able to build good customer relations then it is a great deal for everyone. 

Matador Shoes
Matador Shoes