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J R Jimenez Shoes - Mens Dress Shoes from Spain now available in Australia

The Spanish are well known throughout Europe for making some of the best quality mens leather shoes in all the world. In many parts of Spain such as the Valencia region and in Mallorca in the Balearic Islands there are artisan shoe makers crafting beautiful leather shoes. In Australia the most common type of leather shoes are Italian made ones but slowly people are discovering the quality of Spanish footwear. 

Matador Shoes is one of the few places in Australia that you can buy Spanish made mens dress shoes.  There are many shoe shops out there such as Aquila, Batsanis, Aldo and Florsheim, but when it comes to designer European made shoes, women always seem to have a better selection. Australian men seem to be stuck paying outrageous prices for Italian, English or Spanish mens footwear or being stuck with a selection of cheap Chinese made shoes.

For any Australian guy really into top quality shoes, you either wait until you go to Europe to stock up or end up buying a few pairs from overseas online shoe shops. This was one of the reasons we set up the Matador Shoes. We decided that we were sick of having to buy a pair of decent mens shoes from overseas. Last year we went on a mission to Europe to find quality mens leather shoes that we could bring to Australia and sell online. Having lived in Europe for many years I was well aware of the reputation of Spanish made shoes. However in Australia it has been really difficult to find Spanish mens shoes as most menswear shops here seem to only stock Italian footwear.


The Spanish make some of the best shoes in Europe and they have a history of being artisan shoe makers. We searched around the shoe making area of Spain which is in Elche near the Mediterranean Coast. We came across many mens shoes makers such as Magnanni who make some of the finest mens shoes in the world. We loved their designs and shoes but at 250 Euros a pair they were going to be to expensive to sell, and out of most Australian guys price range. Then we came across J R Jimenez Shoes. They are a small artisan shoe maker with only a few staff and they work out of a workshop not much bigger than a double garage.

J R Jimenez Shoes showed us their range of shoes and even better would let us design shoes that we thought would work in Australia. All of their shoes are made from 100% top quality full grain leather and the soles are also made of leather. Matador Shoes now stock Jimenez Shoes and we have a large selection of mens shoes to suit any occasion. We have oxford shoes, derby, slip ons and more causal mens shoes made in suede. We will be bringing in new styles and models of shoes every few months. The great thing is because we are buying the shoes direct from the shoe maker, we can bring you these designer Spanish mens shoes for amazing prices and far below what you would usually pay in Australia for a pair of Italian mens dress shoes or Spanish mens shoes.

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