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Mens Wedding Shoes | Buy Mens Wedding Shoes Online


Do you have your wedding coming up and you need to fit out the guys in the wedding party for mens wedding shoes?

Matador Shoes has a great range of mens leather shoes that are perfect for the special occasion. Check out our mens wedding shoes collection for a variety of footwear in a range of styles and colours.

Our shoes are all hand made in either Italy or Spain from the best quality calf skin leathers. Our shoes are all made from 100% calf skin leather and they have genuine leather soles. We only sell our shoes in Australia through our online store.You will not find these shoes anywhere else in Australia and therefore your wedding party will be unique and stand out from the crowd. Who wants to wear the same shoes as their guests for their big day.

By cutting out the retail middle men Matador Shoes are able to bring you great savings. To buy shoes of this quality in a retail store would cost between $300 to $400 a pair. We are able to sell our range for between $199 to $249.  Also because in a wedding party you are normally buying more than one pair of shoes, we are able to give you a further discount. This depends on how many pairs you buy. 

If you are in Sydney we can come and visit the wedding party at a location of your choice. We can bring a selection of shoes for the guys in the wedding party to try on and a range of sizes.  If you are in another city such as Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth we are able to courier you a sample shoe and sizes to make sure you get the right shoes for the day.


A wedding is a big day and it is really important to get quality shoes for the men in the grooms party. There is nothing worse than a group of guys in great suits but wearing their own mismatching shoes.

For more information and to help you get ready for your big day please contact Mark by telephone on 0414 775 304 or by emailing

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