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How to look after mens leather dress shoes

Okay, so you have bought a pair of quality mens leather shoes and you want them to last. A good pair of mens footwear you can wear for many years but you do need to take good care of them. Decent footwear is an investment, but with wearing them a few times a week they will go through a fair bit of wear and tear. Especially if you wear them to and from work and out in the elements. You are going to have to take care of your ‘investment” so you can keep them looking new and smart. So how do you look after your new leather shoes? 

The two most important things you need to do, is keep them in good condition. A good shoe tree and a quality shoe conditioner. Using a shoe tree is the best way for your shoes to keep their shape. A wooden shoe tree is the smartest option as they absorb the moisture out of the leather in your shoes and they keep your shoes from smelling. You can buy a shoe tree from most shoe repair shops. Remember a wooden shoe is better to use than a cheap plastic one. 

Using a shoe nourishing conditioner is a must to keep them looking good and in a top quality condition. A decent brand shoe cream such as Zanolin will absorb into the leather, nourish your shoes, and keep them fresh and looking new. You want to avoid cheap roll on shoe creams that sit on top of the leather – they provide a temporary solution only, and will rub off on the hem of your pants. This is not a good look! 

When you are cleaning your shoes never ever immerse your leather shoes in water. They will soak up the water and your shoes might not go back into shape once they have dried. What you need to do is clean off your shoes each time you wear them with a soft brush or a slightly damp cloth. 

Another important item you need to buy is a shoe horn. You might think they are old fashioned but you should always use a shoe horn to put your shoes on. It makes your foot slide into the shoe and stops the back of your shoes from becoming crushed. Last but not least all ways store your shoes away from direct sunlight. The sun will fade the colour from your shoes and will take the suppleness out of the leather.

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