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When buying mens leather shoes, why buy cheap shoes?

Many men ask is it worth spending a decent amount of money on a pair of men's formal shoes? What is the difference between a $100 pair of men's shoes and a $300 dollar pair of men's shoes? 

Well, it is the same as asking the difference between a cheap Asian made car and a European car such as Mercedes or Audi… design, construction, quality of materials and of course you are paying for the reputation of the brand!

If you are going to wear your shoes to work all day, every day is it not worth it to invest in a pair of quality well made shoes? A good pair of mens leather shoes is an investment. A cheap Chinese made pair of shoes for $100 will last half as long as a $200 pair, but a $300 pair of shoes made in Spain or Italy will last you a lifetime if you take care of them.

Cheap shoes use low grade leather and have synthetic soles. You want to buy leather shoes that are made from full grain leather. Leather quality, the shoe's construction, the sole and heel are the difference between cheap shoes and quality expensive ones. A quality made pair of mens leather shoes can be repaired by any shoe cobbler as they are made in sections and the soles are stitched. Once you wear through the soles of your cheap $100 shoes there is nothing to do but throw them out.

A quality pair of shoes will be made by hand by a master shoe craftsman and not on a massive construction line by a machine and a factory worker. With expense shoes you are paying for the brand name and the reputation of the brand. The shoes will be durable and are made to last. Ask any gentleman who has paid for an expensive pair of shoes and he will tell you that they last for years. A friend of mine has a pair that he gets resoled every two years. He has had these shoes for 10 years. Now that is a good investment! As well, a properly made pair of shoes made from full grain leather will always keep their shape and look better. There is nothing worse than seeing a guy who is wearing a well made suit but then what lets his dress sense down is a cheap pair of poorly made shoes. What a contrast and one way to blow your image completely. As the saying goes shoes make the man.

Each pair of Matador Mens Shoes are constructed by hand. Our "zapateros" or shoe makers Pepe, Manolo and Javier have been making shoes for over 30 years in Spain. The Spanish are famous worldwide for their quality leather shoes. We use only the best full grain leathers and each pair of our men's shoes is made using the highest quality workmanship . The soles and heels of our shoes are made from leather and then the soles are stitched to the welt. We take great pride in the quality of our men's dress shoes, men's business shoes and men's fashion shoes. So if you are looking to buy a well made pair of mens shoes Australia, look no further than Matador Men's Shoes. You can view and buy our shoes online at, or make an appointment and come and see our range at our showroom in Paddington, Sydney.

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