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Advice for buying men's dress wedding shoes

A wedding is one time you have to look at your best and be wearing a top quality pair of shoes. This is not the time to be just wearing any old pair of dress shoes you have in your wardrobe.  If you are the groom or the best man it is even more important as all eyes will be on you. Picking what pair of men's leather shoes you are going to wear is really important and it will really depend on the suit you will be wearing. You can be wearing the best suit in the world but if your shoes don't match then your suit and entire outfit is not going to be up to scratch and will ruin your look. The bride will have gone to great lengths to ensure that she looks fantastic and that her bridal party looks the part so it is vital that the groom and the the best man are wearing shoes that are perfect for this special occasion. Often men just focus on their tuxedo or suit and their shoes are a last minute thing but if you want to stand out then the shoes you are going to wear are an important part of your outfit. Plus if you buy a quality made pair of men's shoes they will last you a long time after the wedding and you will be able to wear them to other formal occasions. 

Probably one of the most important tips when you are choosing a pair of shoes to wear to a wedding is that men's wedding shoes should be a slim narrow fit with a slightly pointed toe. The fashion these days is to have suits or tuxedo's in a slim tight fit. Wearing a pair of wide bulky shoes will ruin your look and not match your clothes. A pair of slim slightly elongated in the toe shoes helps give the impression of longer slim legs and will also make you seem taller. 

The colour of your shoes should always provide a contrast to your suit or tuxedo but should never be the focal point of your wedding outfit. White, patent or shiny shoes are another big no no , as they can look cheap and tacky. It is a big day and possibly your big day so you want to spend a bit of money and get the best pair of leather shoes you can afford. Cheap shoes equals a cheap look. Another important rule is your belt should always be the same colour as your shoes. There is no exception to this rule!!!

These days men do not stick to wearing the traditional black suit when they are getting married. If you choose to wear a different colour suit here are some tips on matching your shoes to what ever colour suit you will be wearing:

  • If wearing a black, blue or charcoal suit you can wear black or a very dark brown pair of shoes.
  • If wearing a light grey suit you can wear black or light brown shoes.
  • If wearing a brown suit you can wear black or grey shoes.
  • If wearing a white suit you can wear grey, tan or oxblood shoes. White shoes could work as well but they tend to look cheap. If you are wearing a coloured shirt with the white suit then you can match your shoe colour with the shirt.
  • If you are going to be hiring your wedding suit or tuxedo then wait until you have the suit until you go buying any shoes. 

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