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Six types of mens dress leather shoes available in Australia

When it comes to mens dress shoes there are many styles and types to choose from. Fashions come and go but when it comes to men's shoes there are around 6 different styles that will never be in or out of fashion and will serve you well. By looking at a man's pair of shoes you can learn a lot about him. If you wear a beautifully made suit but team it up with a pair of worn out or cheap clunky shoes it will ruin your look completely. It is even more important if it is your big day your wedding. The best way to wear a pair of mens wedding shoes is buy the best pair you can afford!

Shape is a very important aspect of a pair of shoes. Your shoes should match the shape and contours of your suit or clothes and sit well with them. There is nothing worse than a guy wearing a big clumpy pair of shoes with a tailored suit. Your shoes should have a slim contour and a rounded toe. You want them to look streamlined and be not too pointy. A good starting point for everyone is a basic pair of black lace ups. They can be dressed up with a suit or down with jeans or pants but will always look the part and match anything in your wardrobe.

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Here are 6 of the most common mens dress shoe styles:

  1. Oxfords - also known as the Balmoral shoe. The Oxford style shoe was invented in Scotland, hence the name Balmoral. It is made of one piece of leather and has a closed lacing system. It is a very sleek looking shoe and is the best shoe for occasions such as a wedding or as a men's formal shoes. It is the most common of al the shoe types and comes in many different models. Matador Shoes has basic oxford models such as Rafael, Ramon, Marcos through to Oxford brogues such as the Agustin and Bruno models which come with toe cap and wingtip designs.  The Santos and Jose are more classic style wider oxford shoes.
  2. Blucher or Derby - The second most popular style of shoe is the blucher. It is a make of shoe that has the shoe lace eyelets sewn onto the top of a piece of single leather . This is known as open lacing as the vamp or open flaps of the shoe opens out and makes it easier to put the shoe on. The Blucher or Derby was first invented in Prussia in the 18th century. Bluchers come in many different styles and models and are probably the most versatile shoe. Matador Shoes have a good range of Bluchers such as the Alonso, Alberto and the wingtip Cesar. We also have the wingtip brogue model of Bruno.  and the classic design Diego model which is the perfect mens business shoe. 
  3. Slip ons -  Slip on shoes come in a variety of different styles and are a popper choice as a work shoe by many. You can also dress up a pair of jeans or trousers with them. We have some great dress slip ons such as the Julio,Carlos or Silvio models which can be worn with a suit or the Paco and Juan models which are more suited to dressing up  man for a night out on the town. 
  4. Toe Caps - Toe caps are a shoe  that will never be in or out of fashion. They come in a variety of styles from oxfords to brogues and can make a pair of shoes look very different from their original design. Our Alberto shoe has a toe cap and so does the Luis model to offset the pattern design. They are a classic shoe style to wear with a suit.
  5. Wing Tips - Wing tip design shoes are another shoe that will never go out of style. They are a classic design that can be found on many styles of Oxford and Blucher shoes. Matador Shoes has a twist on a classic wing tip our Cesar model. Also we have a Oxford brogue wingtip the Bruno model. 
  6. Dress boots -  They can work well with trousers or jeans but not really with a suit. Wide shaped boots worn with a suit do not really work. Such boots should be worn in the outback not in the office. If you are going to wear boots make sure they are a slim shape with a sole that is thin and sits under the boot.

The most important advice I can give anyone is real men's leather shoes have leather soles. Rubber soles look cheap and are made for cheap shoes. Always buy your shoes with leather soles.

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