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Quality dress shoes for men

Finding somewhere to buy a decent pair of mens dress shoes in Australia is not easy. I mean proper hand made European designer mens shoes made from quality leathers. Sure if you are looking for a pair of cheap rubber soled shoes that cost around $129 to $150 there are plenty of mens shoe shops around such as Aldo, The Iconic, Zu Shoes, Batsanis, Aquila or even Rivers. But lets be honest these shoes are all mass produced in China, Brazil or India and if you are lucky they will last you about 5 months before they start to fall apart or look shoddy. 

For top quality well made mens leather shoes you need to be looking at shoes made in Italy, Spain, Germany or England. These countries have shoe making traditions that go back many hundreds of years and there is a reason they have a reputation of making top quality mens formal shoes. A decent pair of leather mens shoes will cost you at least $250. Why this price you ask? Well it is because they will be hand made using quality full grain calf leathers. Then they will have leather soles. These shoes will take at least a day or two to make by hand and will be hand finished as well when they are colour finished and buffed up.

Matador Mens Shoes, bring this European tradition of quality mens dress shoes to Australia. All our shoes are made in Artisan workshops in Spain and Italy, by shoe craftsmen who come from families of shoe makers who have been handing down their knowledge of shoe making for many generations. We have a beautiful selection of mens shoes to suit every taste and style. Whether it be a pair of mens oxford shoes to wear to the office with a suit, a pair of mens derby shoes to wear for a special event, a pair of two tone leather and suede brogues or suede mens boots we have something for you. Our online mens shoe shop has various categories such as mens wedding shoes, mens dress shoes, mens leather shoes, and our Italian mens shoe sale section where we have a great selection of mens shoes at great sale prices.

Here at Matador Shoes we are fanatics when it comes to quality mens dress shoes. Don't just buy a cheap pair of shoes that will do. Buy a pair of shoes that you are proud to wear and say something about your style and fashion sense. Remember the old saying "shoes maketh the man"

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