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Mens Wedding Shoes

Summer is on the way and that means you may have a wedding or two to go to. Having the right clothes or suit is important but so is having a decent pair of mens wedding shoes. There are a few things you have to take into consideration when you go searching for a pair of mens dress shoes to wear to a wedding. First up your shoes have to match whatever outfit you are wearing. This season many guys are opting to wear suits in shades of light blue. Therefore a pair of brown shoes is the way to go. Check out our Rafael model which is a oxford style shoe or if you prefer slip on shoes we have the Carlos model.

Normally you will be wearing a suit to a wedding so the best type of mens shoe to wear is something that has a slim last. Wearing a slim shoe will make you look taller and will follow the tapered look of your suit. The biggest no no is wearing mens shoes that are square and chunky with a great suit. So many guys do this and it completely kills their look. Generally for a wedding you would wear a pair of simple black formal mens shoes.  Matador Shoes have some classic style shoes that are perfect for a wedding such as our Ernesto, Marcos or Alberto models. 

However these days many people are opting for less formal weddings with people not wearing suits and formal wear. Shoe trends are changing and mens brogues are making a comeback and many guys are choosing the wear them to weddings. A pair of brown brogue shoes such as our Agustin model has become a very popular model of shoe for some of our customers to wear to their mates wedding. 

If you are looking for a pair of mens formal shoes to wear at a wedding Matador Shoes have a large selection of mens leather shoes. You can buy our shoes through our website and we offer free shipping Australia wide. We have different types of shoes to match every taste and style and if you need help with choosing you can contact us by phone or email to find out more information. Our mens shoes are all made in Italy and Spain and using the finest quality leathers.

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