Italian mens dress shoes online in Australia at Matador Shoes

Mens Dress Shoes Online Store

Quality Italian and Spanish made men’s dress shoes reduced from $300 down to as low as $99. We are closing down and clearing all our stock for crazy prices.

We cut out middle men, to bring you the customer top quality European leather shoes. The Italians and the Spanish are renowned for making some of best quality shoes in the world. They are beautifully crafted in artisan workshops by shoemakers who take a great pride in every pair of shoes they make. 

  • Our shoes are hand made in Italy and Spain by artisan shoe makers.
  • They are made from the finest quality calf skin leathers, from the uppers right through to the soles.
  • We off free shipping on all non sale shoes.
  • All our shoes are made in master shoe craftsmen in Italy and Spain.
  • We have new models and styles coming in every few months.
  • We give discounts to wedding wedding parties and if you are in Sydney, we can visit you to show you a selection of shoes.